Buddy18 is a Social Network for Adult Lovers of Porn

 Attention: New & Existing Members

Buddy18 is as much your website as it is for anyone else.  Participation is a key factor throughout the site and without people like yourself participating, Buddy18 can not grow its member numbers & content.

  • Make friends by adding existing members and help the Social Network grow and strengthen.  Just because you see a profile photo of someone, consider it’s highly likely not them!

  • Join a Group or multiple Groups that suit your interests.  If a group does not suit your interests; consider creating one.

  • Share your thoughts, images or video.  Using Post Updates through either Your Profile or a Group you have joined/created.  Consider creating a Blog if that suits your needs better.

  • Buddy18 is a relatively young site and its content and the options offered are dependant upon its membership.  The membership will increase over time – Invite your friends and share Buddy18 with other Social Networks using the website links found at the top left of every page.

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